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Below is a list of our current fees. This list is a guide only and may be subject to change.
At any time, you may ask a member of staff for our up to date breakdown of fees. All fees shown are including VAT at 20% unless stated otherwise

Fees ‘FOR’ moving in

  • Administration fee for 1 applicant £80.00
  • Administration fee for 1 applicant claiming benefits £100.00
  • Administration fee for 2 applicants £160.00
  • Additional person after 2 applicants £80.00 (per applicant)

Additional fees which may become payable by some applicants

  • Guarantor’s referencing £20.00 (per guarantor)
  • Amendments & re-issue of tenancy agreement £18.00
  • Non-refundable pet cleaning fee £250

Fees ‘AFTER’ moving in

  • Tenancy renewal fee £18.00
  •  Post agreement addendum £12.00
  • Failed direct debit, standing order not set up, return of over paid rent £12.00
  • Early surrender fee £60.00 plus liability for rent and utilities until the day a new tenant commences tenancy
  • End of Tenancy reference request £10.00
  • Contractor access service – Strictly subject to emergency. £25.00 per hour

When do I pay the tenancy administration fee?
Once you have decided to apply for a property, and completed the online reference application form, Cornwall Homeseekers will formally submit your interest to the Landlord. 

What is the tenancy administration fee?
The fee includes the cost of referencing using an independent, specialist company and will cover checking, though not limited to, your credit status,
employment status, current and/or past landlords, and any other information to help assess the suitability of your tenancy application. The fee also includes issuing a tenancy agreement and protecting your security deposit.
Should you fail the referencing process by not disclosing any adverse credit history or if you withdraw from the tenancy after referencing has begun the
administration fee you have paid is forfeited in full. Should the landlord withdraw from the tenancy the administration is fully refundable to you.
Any additional fees that may be applicable to you, for example a guarantor fee, will be payable before proceeding with the application.
PLEASE NOTE: The first months rent and security deposit (the deposit is normally one months rent plus £100) must be paid at least 3 working days prior to the tenancy start date. If these funds fail to show as cleared, you cannot move in to the property.

Our fees explained.

Additional Person.
This covers the cost of processing the application for any additional applicants.

 Guarantor’s Referencing.
Depending on the outcome of your individual application via the referencing company, you may require a guarantor. This is not uncommon, and means you elect someone who is a UK resident in receipt of a suitable income, to undergo referencing to ensure they can cover the overall rent commitments if you, the tenant, are unable to pay your rent. This fee is payable in respect of each guarantor to cover referencing costs and required paperwork as part of the tenancy agreement detailing their legal obligations as a guarantor. Amendments & re-issue of tenancy agreement If alterations to the tenancy are required after the original contract has been produced and formally issued pending signature, this fee will be charged.

During and after the tenancy, we offer additional services where fees may apply:

Tenancy renewal fee.
If your tenancy is renewed beyond the end of your initial fixed term. Extending your tenancy provides security to stay in the property for a further fixed period, and avoids the uncertainty of a landlord serving notice at an inconvenient time.

Amendments & re-issue of tenancy agreement.
This may be applicable if a change to the tenancy is required mid term. This may be due to a change in personal circumstances. This is agreed prior to the end of the tenancy agreement and is strictly subject to Landlord consent.
Post signing agreement addendum. Should you alter your application after contracts have been signed, and it is appropriate to do so, Cornwall Homeseekers can produce an addendum to the tenancy agreement with the Landlord’s consent.

Failed Direct Debits or Standing Order not set up.
This fee is to cover charges and administration costs if a standing order needs to be re-issued or a direct debit fails and subsequently the landlords rent cannot be processed, and letters need to be posted. Standing orders are out of our control so it essential that you check with your bank well in advance of the rent due date that the standing order is in place and that funds are available to pay the rent. At the end of your tenancy you must notify your bank to finish the standing order, if Cornwall Homeseekers need to return over paid rent you will be charged accordingly.

Early surrender fee.
If the tenant requests an early termination of the contract and the landlord agrees for the property to be remarketed, then an early surrender fee is required. This is to be paid prior to the commencement of remarketing. The tenant will remain liable for the property security, the rent and utilities until the commencement of a new signed contract with a replacement tenant.
End of tenancy reference request.
If you wish to leave the property you are renting and apply through a different agent, they may want us to provide you with a written reference.

Contractor Access Service.
In emergencies only, If you are unable to have someone else provide access to contractors, Cornwall Homeseekers may arrange for a member of staff to
attend subject to staff numbers, precise times are observed and payment is provided in advance.