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Business Tenants


When considering whether to buy or lease your business unit firstly review your expectations to the future of the business, do you expect to the business to grow or remain roughly the same size


Leasing tends to be more flexible than buying, if your business is small and you expect the business to expand leasing may be your preferred option.


Many businesses consider that their capital is better employed in the business rather than tied up within the property. They tend to lease the buildings but the main decision depends on the way you consider the property market to move.


Ensuring rentals are agreed you can financially plan the future of your business. Rent reviews tend to be completed on a three yearly basis or pre agreed arrangement.


We would always recommend you speak to your accountant as there are different tax implications depending on the decision to buy or let.


At Cornwall Homeseekers, we let and manage a variety of properties throughout Cornwall for rent.


To find a property that suits your business needs please review our website and contact our dedicated team on 01872 262288.